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Terminal de LNG de Altamira was the First Infrastructure Project of its Kind in Latin America.

TLA supports the energy policy in Mexico by complying with expectations of natural gas demand growth for power generation, thus contributing to supply sources diversification, using fossil fuels that are more friendly to the Environment.

The Altamira Terminal has received more than 400 LNG vessels, which reinforces the company commitment to energy infrastructure development in Mexico. The Terminal safe and efficient operation has allowed to comply with the commitments to our customers. TLA contributes to electric power generation and reliable natural gas supply, fuelling the national gas pipeline system core.


In TLA, we receive, store, re-gasify and deliver natural gas in a safe manner.


TLA seeks to maintain excellence in work safety, be recognized by its customers as a reliable partner, keep 100% its storage capacity contracted in the long term, and develop new services to increase the value of its stockholders, being a sustainable business and a great place to work.

Integral Policy

In TLA we are committed to: the health and safety of people by providing safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of injuries, the development of talent, the identification and elimination of hazards, the hierarchy and reduction of risks, the prevention and quantification of environmental impacts, compliance with applicable legal requirements and those subscribed with relevant interested parties with corporate integrity and the continuous improvement of our processes.

Therefore, through our integral management system, we establish objectives that contribute to industrial safety, operational safety and health of our staff and contractors, facility integrity, environmental protection, and pollution prevention. , creating value for relevant stakeholders and customer satisfaction.

We work as a team consulting and engaging our staff, contractors and suppliers to make a positive difference and achieve a sustainable future through the way we operate. We motivate all our staff, contractors and suppliers, to act based in this commitment, driving the growth of the business and at the development, at same time the community in which we operate.

Socially Responsible

Creating a Positive and Long-lasting Impact, Contributing to Sustainable Development and Improving Quality of Life.

The objective of Terminal de LNG de Altamira as a Socially Responsible Company (SRC) is to create a positive and long-lasting impact in the community where it operates, contribute to sustainable development in the country, improve quality of life of its collaborators, and promote a culture of ethics and anti-corruption among its interest groups.
In 2020, for the sixth year in a row, we confirm our public and voluntary commitment to the society by having been recognized as aSocially Responsible Company..

Quality of Life
in the Company

TLA providescompetitive wages and salaries esalaries in the area, carries out preventive and awareness programmes to care for the integrity of its collaboratorsand offers them an extensivetraining and education; programme, as well as flexible work schemes for special situations, and an assistance programme, through which collaborators can handle situations legal, financial, emotional and nutrition issues with specialists, having the following programmes and recognitions available:

  • Code of Conduct
  • General Business Principles
  • Our Commitment to the Social Responsibility Decalogue published by the Mexican Philanthropy Centre
  • Helpline to Report Breaches of Ethics

Business Ethics

For TLA, transparency is very important, we conduct ourselves in accordance with our values, which are:Honesty, Integrity and Respect, we have diverse mechanisms to ensure this message is shared with all our collaborators and related parties; the main are:

Volunteers with Energy

It is our volunteering programme, where TLA collaborators and their families participate by supporting child cancer associations, retirement homes, supplies collection for emergencies or natural disasters, children’s games repair and maintenance, beach cleaning, and release of turtles.

Activate for Your Health

Created with the aim of contributing to obesity and overweight rate reduction in Mexico, promoting health care through sports, sponsoring races, football and volleyball.

with the Community

TLA participates witheducational institutions in the area, giving lectures to students, scheduling visits of universities to the Terminal, offering scholarships within the companyto young students and recent graduates for their professional development.

It actively supports through donations to associations, such as the Red Cross of Altamira, Civil Protection of Altamira, Child Care Centres, CRIT Tamaulipas (Telethon Child Rehabilitation and Inclusion Centre in Tamaulipas, by its abbreviation in Spanish), Down Project in Southern Tamaulipas, Universities in the area, among others.

  • Policy of Zero Gas Venting into the Atmosphere
  • Proper Waste Disposal
  • Waste Separation and Recycling (PET, Paper, Tin Cans, Batteries and Electronic Waste)
  • Awareness Campaigns for Proper use of Resources: Water, Electric Power, Paper, etc.
  • Beach Cleaning
  • Care and Preservation of Olive Ridley Turtle, an Endemic Species in our area, based on which the Name and Image of the Company Club of Runners, TLA Turtles, were chosen.
  • Reforestation Activities and Urban Orchard Workshops, among others.

Care and

TLA cares aboutgenerating positive impacts in the community where we develop our operations, for which we have the following programmes:

Code of

For the Right Way with Energy

In TLA, we are aware that the conduct of our collaborators is our reflexion as a company; therefore, we have created this Code of Conduct with the aim for you know what our Values and General Business Principles are, reflected in our Mission, Vision and Comprehensive Policy, compiled in a document that will be a support tool for you to make decisions in difficult moments, based on ethics and respect for human rights.

This Code is because of and for you, it contains the guidelines and ways to address ethical dilemmas that may arise from the exercise of your daily activities within the company, stating the limits within which all collaborators, suppliers and external personnel who has any type of relationship with TLA may behave. It does not exempt anybody and will serve as advice to avoid situations that might damage you or the company, setting high behaviour standards, and showing you how to reach them in an accessible manner.

Read Code of Conduct


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