(ESR) Socially Responsible Company: Actions

TLA has been recognized for the fourth consecutive year as a socially responsible company, this recognition endorses the actions and programs that the company undertakes in the following aspects:

Quality of work

TLA provides competitive wages and salaries in the area, exercises preventive and conscience programs to take care of the integrity of its employees and offers them a broad training and educational programs; as well as flexible work schemes for special situations and an assistance program through which employees can handle legal, financial, emotional and nutritional situations with specialists, counting in this area with the programs and recognitions that are listed:

Business ethics

TLA has a code of conduct through which all its officers are regulated, has policies and procedures to conduct their transactions transparently, ethically and in accordance with the Law, to report any breach, has a whistleblowing channel; Likewise, its main processes are certified in ISO 9001, to guarantee the quality of the service we offer, seeking the satisfaction of our client by conducting ourselves in an ethical, transparent and law-abiding manner.

Community Engagement

TLA has identified its main stakeholders and develops programs for mutual benefit, some activities are:


  • We actively support the projects of the Red Cross Altamira, an institution that provides health services and first medical attention in the community where we develop our activities and our employees live.
  • Civil Protection we make the donation of fireman’s outfits.
  • Materials and properties. We donate furniture and materials that are waste to the Terminal but that are useful and necessary for them.

Energized Volunteers

It is the volunteering program in which TLA employees and their families participate in social work, from visiting an asylum to gathering food in case of disasters (earthquakes and floods).

Activate for your Health

Mexico is one of the countries with the highest rate of obesity and overweight, for this reason TLA decided to generate this program to promote health care through sports, sponsoring its collaborators, families and community sports activities to develop healthy habits, from soccer tournaments, volleyball to his club of runners “Tortugas TLA” (the olive ridley is an endemic species of our area, and TLA promotes its conservation) sponsoring several races in our area for the benefit of the community.

Growth of Local Suppliers

Aware of the importance of the development of the local economy, TLA has developed local suppliers sharing their technical knowledge and culture in security, this has allowed suppliers to expand their portfolio of customers and services.

Care and preservation of the environment

TLA considers the care and preservation of the environment in all its operations, which is why it has identified its most significant impacts in this area and has exercised operational controls to minimize possible environmental effects. Within the programs and certifications we have the following:

  • Conservation program for the Kemp’s ridley turtle (endemic species of our area).
  • Beach cleaning.
  • Reforestation
  • Separation of waste, special handling for electronic waste, batteries and special waste.